Allowing them see what they most need, Rolling seas, tasting salt at the tip of their tongue; Desiring sunrise as sunset, calming their nerves.   Looking into the eye of the sun, With such power energy; amongst the rippling waves, emotional transitions.   Seeing the rays across the expanse, Especially, when time goes against the grain; night haunting day, intensifying her light.   Thirsty to reach the end, dipping into the water; mindful that birds are flying away, letting sun rest.   HT 29/11/2019 Continue reading Living


source:   Beyond space and time, not when you are judgement; drawing upon the field, breathing that centre.   Field around centre becomes 9 metres wide, Non-local phenomenon interaction knows; un-memorise states, they are born again, in the same life. source:   Having done meditation to do 3 years, To heal their condition; They wanted that healing wanting more than that sleep, More than their morning coffee- more than anything else.   Not wanting breakfast, Internet; But connection – nothing matters more than that, Everyday they overcome a little bit of themselves. Certain days, they did not want … Continue reading Measuring


source:   Imagine being a builder of sustainable builders, until 2008 when everything is lost; what if we tried to recreate what we know, but people do not want that.   Imagine waking up in the middle of the mind and asking a question, asking – what do people need? What does my family need? source:   In the old world of separation, competition – we ask, What can I get from this choice? Makes perfect sense in a world of separation- the new question, What can I give? How can I contribute? Building, innovative, self watering, self … Continue reading Collaboration

Asking those questions

  source:   Finding ourselves in an audience amongst hundreds, thousands, sometimes it is nice to be in a small room; having those deeper conversations, unscripted, randomness.   Asking questions, and gathering a perfect group of people, If the world ended today? Wouldn’t it be great to start with your closest group of people? What kind of dialogue would you have? What kind of questions would you ask? Did you have dinner? How was your flight? Aren’t you looking good? Thank you. Can I ask the first question? Just between us, as if no body was listening – how … Continue reading Asking those questions

Food frequency

Energy Centres source:   Energy, energy, to wake up, consuming, drawing from the vital field; expenditure in the life force of the border, easily unbalanced.   Respecting the balance, Not swinging too far; as the polarity reaches the ceiling of the ego, Lord of the rings- the power.   Giving it up, for something greater, For love, the greater frequency; All information and energy moves with intensity, systems change, repairing, activating, producing a mind in the centre. source:   Consciousness moves through tissues, noticing a mind, a mind of its’ own; second, third, fourth centre – a different … Continue reading Food frequency


source:   A powerful word – when two energies match to find each other, Like two guitars – one leaning on one, and one on another; when plucked, the are in tuned the same, other strings may not move.   source:   We choose the quality of belief, with the truth and beauty, or anger and hate; We choose the resonance, patiently, patiently.   A powerful principle in nature, allowing for change, with few people; Learning the language of peace, healing in their bodies, They can convey in the divine matrix.   Stronger, and stronger, in language, focusing … Continue reading Resonance