Riding the wave

In Eckhart Tolle’s recent discussion on ‘History and Evolution of Consciousness’, he shares with us nothing less than his brilliant understanding and insight into the human vulnerability.

What appears to lie at the heart of us work is his interest and concern on the ‘Ego’ the ‘I’.  To be able to say that, and I paraphrase, that he is a teacher when on stage, but he is like no other ordinary person when he steps down, it reminds us how important it is, to be at peace of who who are, not full of delusion from our jobs which may be in positions of power, or delusions which may or may not reflect who our authentic selves are.

To the question of how we react to others, particularly when negative arises, such as jealousy and spite, that perhaps giving inner thought to what our vulnerabilities are instead.  Speaking of power struggles and power dynamics, Eckhart Tolle presents a credible assessment of how vulnerable we are as human beings.  By being in our high selves, we can actually by pass a lot of things could easy add to the stress of every day life and at the same time, provide the empathy be it to our families, friends and colleagues knowing that what ever the trigger it may be, work is needed within them.

Such compassion, coupled with glimpses of humour, allows us to see how Eckhart Tolle can effortless present our flaws on a plate, without necessarily judging but observing.

Addressing our anxieties and concerns for the future and lament of the past, he emphasises the importance of living in the present and living in the Now.

For what choices and options we have in life, Eckhart Tolle encourages us to go with the flow, to be in the present moment where we can find happiness and peace.


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