Thought activity

Echkart Tolle discusses fear and imaginary concerns where no action can remedy our concerns.

The power of such thoughts, the thought of being threatened, the notion that ‘the tiger is not in the room’-  By separating thought and reality, he makes a clearer distinction where the fearful thought is simply a thought, not a reflection at all.

When even a quiet room becomes or gives rise to a fear is by realising the destructive thought, ‘stepping out’ and taking a conscious step.  Recognising that this takes conscious awareness, it is a first step to de-identification, that the fear is not real, simply produced by the mind.

Echkart engages in such depth on the topic, which also touches on how at times we can project our own vulnerabilities on others.  When we realise the problem is internal rather than external, it takes courage to take a step inside to realise the very ‘problem’ one is trying to tackle with is a part of us.

A nightmare as he calls it – and by the same token, an awakening.  An awakening, because it is a realisation that it is part of us, yet at the same time something that can be ‘let go ‘ of.  The journey through a dark path is never easy, though by taking one step at a time, there is light at the end of the tunnel.





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