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Some people think that Dr. Phil’s show are rather entertaining and in many ways they truly are.  Having read a number of his books, Life Code really stands out.

We come down to the nitty gritty of asking ourselves, what are our values, what do we stand by, what do we believe in, what motivates us, what makes us tick?  Does this feel overwhelming when we ask our selves these questions?

If we sit back and give ourselves a few minutes to reflect, the answer it may appear to be is actually, no.  In fact, these are questions we constantly, subconsciously ask ourselves, yet when nothing arises, we recycle the question or at least push the question to the back of our minds – really not wanting to answer them -today.

But as with all things that we do with procrastination is that the question/s pop back into the forefront of our minds, demanding an answer and at worst, arises at times when we least want or expect it.

The best examples would be when we’re put to the test.  In times of stress, in critical moments, when we feel it is either life or death or as seemingly harmless – a job interview.  So tell me, what motivates you to get of bed? Or what is your strongest value?  Or why do you do what you do?

There is nothing wrong with saying money, but is there something deeper.

Lying in one’s deathbed, as is shown from time to time, working harder is not what people pray or regret over.  It’s missing the kids growing up, it’s not being at a family gathering, it’s not having been more intimate with loved ones, it’s things that at the end of the day, make us human – The love and compassion which we strive for most, but in reality get’s given second place, why?

The conscious recognition that our subconscious fears, allows us to readjust our priorities and to say enough is enough.  Not necessarily kicking the bad, mundane job, but rather to say right, what is my passion?  What am I good at?  Why am I leaving that behind or better yet, why am I neglecting that?

As Christmas is around the corner, and New Year will come even sooner, many of us may attempt the commonly done-and-forgotten New Year Resolution.  Yet, how many of us will actually stick to it, pull through it and say yes I’ve made it come end of 2017.

One of my most aspiring Olympian friend would say, take it one step at a time, one bite at a time, one small goal at a time.  It makes total sense.

Rather than having life changing ambitions, let’s start small.  Being present in the moment, thankful for the things we have and being kind to the people around us- most importantly ourselves.

For all the rejections, bad behaviour, minor misgivings that happen to us on a daily basis- let’s make peace with it, daily.

I found myself speaking to a number of people during the week, describing our brains like rubbish bins.  Despite all the knowledge we have gained, the amount of IQ we have achieved, reality is, our brains also need down time, and if it’s over loaded, it’s overloaded!

If we want a clear mind after a busy hectic day, I encourage you to try cleaning the bin aka the brain daily at the end of the day.  How do I do that?

By visualising it, some imagine putting all their woes in a hot air balloon and sending it good bye, others see it as dumping it all in a large box and waving good bye in the delivery truck.  Whatever the matter or size, it provides a health dose of reflection.  Combine that with meditation at the end of the day, and it’s 5 pieces of fruit plus a booster.



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