When people say, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, it really is easier said than done.

Recent events in particularly with regards to the death of a law colleague, has made me think once again of what is wrong with our society.

Discussions on being ‘Burntout’, ‘Depressed’ and ‘Stressed’ are not new, yet why is it still a taboo subject amongst professionals?  Is it because of perfectionism?  Or the perception of perfectionism?  Is it because of stress from others?  Or is it because of stress that comes from within?

The face that masks the truth of the reality with which one faces, is much deeper and complicated.  There is probably no simple answer or solution to whatever the problems that that particular individual faces.  Yet, what could have been the problem that made them decide that they needed to end their life?

When we compare and contrast jobs and roles in our society that require heros, we think of fire fights, doctors and surgeons and these are the very roles that tend to have the highest levels of stress.  What support is the community providing?  And how understanding is the profession when it comes to being compassionate to the demands on these very individuals?

Technology has been picking up speed, like never before.  The early adopters are embracing these challenges as a journey of a lifetime, whilst late adopters, particularly in senior roles are fearing the potential changes that may require of them.

The changes are not a reflection of what they are, or what they may be, but rather a test of how they respond or react to such changes.  Such uncertainty life tests us, but at what point, does such a test become too much or one too many?

I ask these questions and wonder whether we are misguided as to what ‘success’ is?

How do we value our lives?  And what alternatives are there, if one defines ‘success’ purely in terms of their job titles/ or outputs?

What solutions do you have and how would you engage a friend stuck in this mentality?

My concern is not that it happens, my concern is that it happens and there is little discussion or thought as to how and what and why.  How can we progress as a society, with all the modern developments if do not try to understand what happened?


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