Walking Earth



Walking along the afternoon beach, Pebble by pebble;
Surrounded by cushion clouds, Lowered to the sea.

Deeper, deeper, first to my ankles then knees,
Into the high seas then through the woods of greenery;
In the forest, pine trees and ever green stretch miles and miles,

The animals are slowly coming.

Deers, horses galloping across fields, Monkeys swinging in trees, eagles soaring;

Wings of all sizes flapping above,
Shadows, streaks of sunlight breaking through.

I see the blue sky, then the tribe comes for me,
Lying down I see their faces forming a circle;
Semi-conscious they put me in a carrier and take me up, they lead me up the mountains,
I am almost asleep, intoxicated by spells.

The pines, the pines, such fragrance lingers, Drumming from a distance comes louder and louder; They come and tear me apart,
Head on staff, bleeding but no blood.

Then they see me through, and throw me body to sea, Falling, falling deep into the ocean;
First the wind, then a dive, the fish come and go, Away with it.

Parts of me, scattered deep onto the seabed, As I fall deeper, then it darkens;
I lie at the bottom with corals and seaweed, Whales, sharks and angelfish greeting me.

Swimming freely, they are above my existence, I feel their shadows, the waves washing me; Their vibrations, the drumming continues, Thudding spontaneously.

Slowly, I rise, dark dark to light light, Then I am floating;
With the sun shining on my face, Wearing white, arms next to me, Fingers fixated.


I return back to earth,
Autumn leaves surrounding me,
Against my skirt;
My long hair, entangled to my body, like start dust and pollen.

The wood on the bark of beauty,
Horses continue to gallop, deers pouncing; Elephants stomping their feet like logs,
Ostriches gracing the fields and golden eye returns.

Pinewoods, with a gentle flicker I open my eyes,
Rich rain touching my shirt;
Droplets, making music and the sweet breeze blowing against me, Dancing water dripping from my head.

First my shoulder, then my elbow,
Creating a puddle in my skirt;
Collecting water like a reservoir,
Rising gracefully, I notice the animal kingdom with me.

They waited patiently staring into my eyes,
The monkeys call, elephants sounding their trunks, Deers waking the wild;
They ran countries to see if I would walk.

Marching alongside me,
They measure each footstep with theirs;
Galloping, panting, clawing their way through the forest, Into the open, orange fields.

We are many,
Taking place in this paradise; The sun rises as fast as sunset, The medicine man is here.

With a feather in one hand, and incense in another, We gather around the wood burnt fire;
Circles amongst circles
Gently we close our eyes.

He rubs our neck, shoulders and back, With love and affection;
Sending the dark spirits up,
Adding oil to our foreheads.

Breaking in the pine air,
Disarming the heavenly skies;
Reaching out for courage, love and friendship, Getting rid of shadow energies in us.


Vibrations, lights excites energy, Magic lights surround us;
Glowing trails and whisks of tobacco, Puffs of smoke, loud coughing.

Touching his heart with his left hand,
Clasping onto hope and forgiveness;
Feel the love and let go,
As the spine straightens, his head bends forward.


Written in October 2015




Mesmerised, we are blessed. HT



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