Eyes in the sky

index playbuzz

They pump up invisible cells,

Floating, flipping, jumping through hoops of energy;

A static path over 60 days, before, and after,

Chasing an intensive activity from Google Earth.


Tons, tones, big, meta data,

Enough to fill a bottomless pit;

On the front of your screens –craziness-

What are you seeing?


Slow marsh mellow clouds, soft and fluffy,

Dry patches of cardboard biscuit;

Layered with shades of dried green grace,

Like a water painting that has sat for centuries.


The machine is learning, call it ‘machine learning’,

Do you see the Amazon?

Do you see deforestation?

Where is the alert coming from?

Remote sensing?


Through in out the engine and throw in the brains,

False- positive – positively-false;

Crunching numbers and data analytics,

Officially 3 – 30 -3000 users.


Playing games, hackathons,

What’s driving you?

Do you have a goal?

Is there a deadline?

Officially 4 turning and opening the earth.


The energy is buzzing, like floating tanks of oil,

Mountains of grain, foreseeing the future of agriculture;

Such pieces of gem, gems of pieces of knowledge,

Stabilising the state, the ground and counting down….


Sign up, sign up,

Join, open source, embrace locally and internationally;

Testing you, your knowledge, your patience and time,

Finding your path and learning insights.



30 June 2017



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Published by ArtofLiving2080

NewSpace Legal Futurist. Strategist. Speaker. Poet. Writer.

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