confrontations animalsLife has it’s ups and downs.  How do we deal with confrontation?

Sometimes it takes emotional courage to look at someone in the eyes who we are in total disagreement with.

What is the need behind the position?

Do we wish to co-exist?

Agree to disagree?

If we did not have to work together – how different would you behave?

Can we create a safe environment and pro-create?

What are the needs on a personal and professional level?

What can we do if we are on the team together?

How can we feel safe and get stuff done?

What assumptions are co-founders making?

Could we agree this in theory/practice?

What else can we do?

What is our tolerance level?

Is conversation enough?

Do we need to set new rules?

How about our working style?

How can we get through the barrier, to get to you?

Do we need to work together?

Once we’ve figured out the problem.  Does it make sense to suggest ideas and be open to ideas.  How often do you attend a meeting and have some one cut down the idea before you’ve even finished?

How does that make you feel? What are you already in agreement about?

What are the top three choices and what can you agree?

What if there is no overlap?  What do you do then?

How about generating more ideas? And start the conversation on the common ground?

When there is a conflict, the problem is usually the other person across the table.  How often do we reflect and say hey, maybe I am the problem?

The ego has to step aside for that to happen, right?

It takes self awareness and consciousness to allow for space and openness to form a common ground.

Next time you’re in a meeting, see how open you are to new ideas.




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