To bottle or not to bottle


What is the debate about bottled water?

Why does it matter and how does it affect us?

Some Pro arguments:


  • Portable
  • Low barriers to entry
  • Distributed resource and power to an essential resource
  • Circular economy
  • Safer in developing countries


  • Quantification – solid understanding of water consumed (e.g. 15 litres to survive)
  • Distribution – bottled and shipped to places where they are needed
  • Verification – verified to be considered drinkable in cases where clean water is an issue

Pro Ethics

  • Easily accessible
  • General safety standard
  • Reduce waste – keeping bottle
  • Could be recycled for other uses such as oil


  • Powered by fossil fuels
  • Much shipping and adding externalities and creating waste
  • Culminated health burden and leakage in bottled waters
  • impact on health care
  • black market in bottled water possible creation of disease
  • Ecosystem cost
  • Households could also develop opportunity cost


  • Plastics
  • Creating demand of water that is a public good;
  • Increasing use of plastics;
  • Shortening short life of waters

If tap water costs about the same as bottled water then isn’t there a point of potentially not needing to drink bottled water?

Is this about perception?

Does this debate not premise on where we live and what resources we have?

If we took a bird’s eye view, is this not about a larger question?

About energy?

Bottled water is complex isn’t it?

There are external factors of the environment, health, ethics and politics.

Is there a platform to discuss this globally?

As the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals on clean access water – these are questions that we as consumers and stakeholders ought to start thinking about.

As a good friend of mine would say ‘Water is like Gold.’


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