Space Mission

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Living between planets?

Mining in space?

It’s no longer a pipe dream.  Space Agencies around the world are more interested than ever to realise the dreams we’ve had as humanity to realise a world of exploring, developing Moon Village and living outside of earth.

There are many other space organisations which explore Space to develop society, such as The Planetary Society which aims at exploring the cosmos and solving the problems as they arise.

As a way to celebrate Space, World Space Week held annual since 1999, will be held from 4 to 10 October 2017 globally.  World Space Week brings 2,700 events in 86 countries to educate, engage and celebrate humanities achievements and explorations in space.

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Asteroid Day was founded in February 2014, when Dr. Brian May astrophysicist and guitarist for the rock band QUEEN  and Grigorij Richters, Director of new fim titled 51 Degrees North of a fictionary story of an asteroid impact on London.

With the collaboration of B612 Foundation, the vision was to officially recognise Asteroid Day: Dr. Brian May, Danica Remy (COO of B612), Grigorij Richters and Rusty Schweickart.  The Announcement of 100X Asteroid Declaration is supported by over 100 astronauts, nobel laureates, entertainers and business leaders.

The aim of 100X Asteroid Declaration is to solve humanity’s greatest challenges to safeguard our families and quality of life on Earth:

‘Asteroids impact Earth: such events, without intervention, will cause great harm to our societies, communities and families around the globe. Unlike other natural disasters, we know how to prevent asteroid impacts.

There are a million asteroids in our solar system that have the potential to strike Earth and destroy a city, yet we have discovered less than 10,000 — just one percent — of them. We have the technology to change that situation.

Therefore, we, the undersigned, call for the following action:

  1. Employ available technology to detect and track Near-Earth Asteroids that threaten human populations via governments and private and philanthropic organisations.
  2. A rapid hundred-fold acceleration of the discovery and tracking of Near-Earth Asteroids to 100,000 per year within the next ten years.
  3. Global adoption of Asteroid Day, heightening awareness of the asteroid hazard and our efforts to prevent impacts, on June 30.

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(source: Celestral blogger)

What will space in 2020 hold for you?

Space exploration is no longer constrained to limited organisations and institutions.  It is open to the world, to those who have courage and vision to see their dreams realised.

As part of Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), I have a vision where in our generation, the next leaders of the World create a future world that is in line with what we want removed from the inter-generational pain and burdens that have been imposed on us for too long.

Past wars and sorrows, are that of the past and in the age of exponential growth and development in technology we can adopt a more hopeful approach to tackling the world’s challenges.

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Ken Olsen once said, ‘ There is no reason why anyone would want a computer in their homes [paraphrased]’.  Time and time again, thinkers are put down for their thoughts because those listening project their insecurities, uncertainty, lack of imagination and fear of the future – yet ironically, some of the greatest inventions, discoveries and thoughts are developed by this very humble, insignificant seed.

Addressing our unconscious biases and realising our dreams moves us to a more open society.  The journal to space involves everybody and all voices are important to shape a future we want to see.

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