Do you want to live forever?

Do you want to live forever?

Overworked?  Underpaid? Karoshi?  Suicide?

What if you had a choice to live forever?  Would you want to do that?

living forever


Technology is accelerating so is medical research.

When Futurists engage in discussion on uploading our brains to the cloud – just think about it for our moment – we can possibly live forever, well, at least in the intellectual form.

Our bodies become an outer garment, renewed by synthetic stem cells, replaced consistently by self-cloned body parts.  Disease and unhealthy cells will be renewed through latest separation of technologies.

Age will not defeat us.  You go running in your exo-skeleton and carry the weight more than in your 20s.  Being plugged-in like Neil from The Matrix, there really is no end to this neuroplasticity of your brain.

Retirement age will be a thing of the past.  With no aging, no death, or at least a resistent to death as a norm, as oppose to death itself, the convergence of humans and AI is going to create a future of robo-humanoids.

If technology allows us to advance in this direction, is it a blessing or a curse?

What if memory could be added or deleted?

What if death was an option?

What if living forever is an option?

What if we could be like camels, living on liquids of vitamins and home grown meats from petri-dishes?

What if natural selection becomes real – where parents can pre-determine the conditions pre-childbirth?

What if augmented reality and reality looks, feels and tastes the same?

What if our ultimate reality no longer becomes real?

If someone said, the only thing that is real is our consciousness, than how consciously aware are we?

How about the way we think?  How will we impact others by our words, thoughts and actions?

For many, these are philosophical questions, for others, these are serious questions to contend with especially when such technologies are being developed.

If law and cases represent a reflection of society, then it could equally be true with the AI we develop.

To live forever or not – that is the question.

life forever v1

(the Week)

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