She reminds me of a dolphin,

Dipping her nose in the water and then her toes;

Dancing, twisting and vibrations of the waves,

jumping and circling from the bubbles beneath her.


She reminds me of my Godmother,

baking carrot cakes and homemade hot chocolate;

tending to her bonsai trees and pruning apricot branches,

fixing her apron with a particular knot.


She reminds me of sunshine,

brightening my day with her wisdom;

smile, and gentle reflection of life,

echoing the stories before her and after her.


She reminds me of my long-lost friend,

The one whom I use to write letters to and get lost in the details;

of what obscurities her brother might get up to,

like the tale of Benjamin Button.


She reminds of a familiar voice,

the one that we hear at school, then University and then in Stadiums;

She is omnipotent, larger than life,

yet transcient in her presence.


She recollects her time, like crystal gems,

Time that was bestowed to her, like fresly minted gold;

Rings of memories embbeded in her DNA,

sent to space, forever to be remembered.


She is universal,

A mother, a sister, a friend and trusted advisor;

She is my twin, my soul and guiding light,

Where would we be without her?


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