prototyping 2(source: xpin)

Turning their tables sitting in groups of three,

They unfold their cards held tightly to their chest;

Raising their hands to find like minded people,

No names, No ID, throwing pens, sitting down like school kids they begin.


‘Hush, hush’ calms the teacher,

Some stare, others gaze – an important lesson to be learnt, like an owl in the night;

How do you learn the piano in 10 mins?

Of course it can be done in 5 mins?

What about the 400 hour rule?

Why not cut it down to 200 hour?  Or 100 hour? Or 10 hour?


Starting now, echoing the silence,

There is no mystery to unravelling this problem;

what is the cause or action?  Forget that,

Wipe that clean slate and start again.


Water starts dripping violently down the bottle,

plunging through the metal rings;

Time; they are racing against time,

Starting at 3…2….1…let’s go…..


Do you see the concentration?

The eagle in the crowd?

As ants busily work with rocks on their backs, or bees tasked to suck pollen,

There is no given path, only one that they choose to take.


He swivels on his chair,

As Plato poses in a thoughtful manner, so does he;

Overseeing the problem assessment stage,

like an invigilator in an examination room.


’10 seconds’ he yells….’Right, it’s time’,

Now all will be revealed;

Brainstorming begins, and it’s different before – in silence,

journeying like a story, scattering seeds for growth.


Performance seeks not perfection,

As bow seeks arrow and likewise;

in silence, they pairup jointly – problem and solution seeking each other,

As bat is to ball, as ice is to water, as iron is to fire, as time is to clock.


Brain waves circulate the room, round and about, out and across,

‘3 more minutes’ ….each dot, strike and wave measured, recorded, dissected;

He flips his phone on and off, on and off, as if to kill time,

That is right, mastering the art of elimination …5….3….1…. time.

prototyping 1

(source: markplus)

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