To goodbye

He was dragging his heels, as he waited for the car,

With an overplucked guitar in one hand and heavy black suitcase large enough to be a bean bag;

Friend No.2 comes over, embracing his hands as brothers in arms,

And stand calmly in the morning sun.


Time stood still for a moment,

The last two months, like a supercharged video-recorder left no detail out as to what is encrusted in his brain;

Inside, outside, music on- music off, closing eyes, breathing, eating, sleeping,

Like a rapid fire, suddenly, all these thoughts crossed his mind.


Feeling his heart beat with a certain anxiety, he smiles knowing this is all good,

Where am I going?  Home?  New lands?  A new life?  No body knows.

All he knows, is he had a shared experience with many others – each with their tale to tell, each with their wars to fight and each with their family and friends to return to,

Did I find them?  My people?  My tribe?


The silence gave way to the answer,

Holding back a gush of emotions, he embraces Brother No. 3 and Sister No. 1;

When will we next see each other?  How will we connect?  Will you remember me?

He’s only being human, all these questions – are asked by all others.

Even before the birds begin to chirp, his grey Uber arrives.


Opening the heavy door, he enters another tranquil environment lit by classical music – Chopin,

Closing the door, he waves good bye to his dear friends.  Some left in silence, some left in a hurry, some didn’t want to leave, some never left, some just looked on, but it all felt the same….

The roads of Mountain View and San Jose are just waking up,

Barely another soul to be seen, and only sounds of birds to be heard.


Dropping by for his favourite coffee – onroute – to fly, those minutes seemed so precious,

What has become of me?  Am I the same?  Will people recognise me?  Can I still be heard?  Will they still understand me?  How?  How?  How?

Then as the coffee arrives, larger than usual and particularly hotter than usual, it warmed him up, not that it made much difference – the day was warming up,

Back to the Uber, the road journey continues.


With the window rolled down, and light air brushing his face, he smells as she would remind him,

This class, this team, this Group, this soul – you are what you make of it, you are part of it….

In the question to understand, he then gazes intently in the dark liquid, swirling and turning alongside the motion of the car,

There will never be a time like this again, as he then notices the watch turn digits;

How will all this memory be stored?  In the cloud?


As deserts turn to green fields, as all cars go electric, as synthetic meat takes over the market, as we become a cashless society and become inter-planetary species we will remember how all these fruitful ideas came and from whom,

Teleporting from worlds to worlds, stars to stars;

Gazing in the long awaited Eclispe of Aquarius and Leo,

Touching our hearts with love and humanity;

Remembering future generations to come.


The time is now, not lost time, but time gained to feel invigorated, alive and purposeful,

Circling the circles or each others dreams, hopes and ambitions;

And carrying each other forward into space and the outer Universe,

We send our music, songs and prayers to each and everyone of our friends, brothers and sisters on earth.


The Uber driver signals – you’re here,

Leaving the vehicle, he reminded himself of the renewed sense of purpose,

The next chapter of his life, is going to hold far more challenges than he ever experienced, yet he is prepared;

Prepared to go there, knowing full well, each other of his team are also in the same driving seat – be it Tesla, no Tesla, regardless it is on full speed,

There is no stopping this one Space Masquerade, cultural dance …

A rhythm and heart beat that has connected us together.

Return safely, whereever you may go and may our journey cross paths again.






Published by ArtofLiving2080

NewSpace Legal Futurist. Strategist. Speaker. Poet. Writer.

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