The Japanese maple leaf

Japanese-maple-leaves-on-bright-backdrop-big-592f59e55f9b58595037cd95(pic source: The Spruce)


It came upon her like a snow flake,
As she watched the autumn leaves fall;
One stood out, among the green, one perfect Japanese maple 6 leaf fell to the ground.

Where it came from did not matter,
Taking it in her hand she returns to the kitchen;
There smells of cocunut, curry mixed with greens fill her senses,
With metta, so much metta.

Students across the Dhamma centre sit in total silence,
Nothing to be heard, yet that of an indignant fly, but even that is clouded by the silence;
Sunrays penetrate through the window flaps and air drifting through the dim lights.

Goenkaji speaks through speakers, recording aged by time but not presence;
P—-e–a—-c—e….he holds like music to the ears as he chants passages from pali texts,
Samadhi….concentrating the mind to the flickering light in the minds eye;
Sila….of morality and appreciation of the natural laws of law and effect- of human suffering,
Anicca ….appreciating the rising and falling of sensations.

That is how we live, how we are,
The passages of our own time, our own decisions and forecasts;
As she engages with her deeper self, entering greater darkness, her dark knight revisits.

Standing in the corner of the room, masked like that of a deer;
They notice each others’ presence,
At first she holds her breath and then slows her breathing.

The dark knight returns but no longer grips her like last time,
She allows them to be, to sit with her;
When they visit at night;
They sometimes sit beside her or enter through the shadows.

The key is not to react, to whatever else images that may arise,
The challenges, the voices and twisted faces projected by the knight;
Encircling herself is a shell, soft, yet hard like that of an ant,
And she feels her self submerged in water free to move and explore the darkness and depths of the ocean.

There are remnants of angel fish, eels, stingrays and whales, yet contrary to her feeling she pushes downwards as hard as her legs allow her,
Pitched in darkness the stones start to glow,
Light pearly crystal metals, as if a torched path has been lit;
She travels down the path,
Leading her into the openness of the Universe.

There she lays crossed legged outside of gravity, floating in space,
Sensing an outreach to other planets, she connects with them all;
An invisible string of energies flow from and to her,
Past, present and future selves.

The heat generated from the passage flows back and forth,
Dripping sweetness and lightness;
Breathing in from the heart and out from the stomach,
Her heart is glowing red.

Transending beyond time and space,
She is connected with all the elements;
Leading her across the galaxy,
Where she belongs.

The maple leaf sits on the kitchen counter,
Another meditator picks it up and puts it in this palm, after inspecting, he puts it down;
And heads towards the meditation centre,
Opening the white wooden doors and into the dimly lit room;
He settles in, closing his eyes to begin his journey.




25 September 2017



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