Challenges in Change

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Why do you want to change?

What makes us change?

What is the greatest hurdle to change?

Us? Them? Others? Society?


Sometimes the storm is not outside, but right inside, deep in one’s minds eye.

Some call it, ‘looking beyond the sushi train.’  The analogy of how, at the first instance there appears to be lots of sushi coming past you, but as you take a step back, the train goes around and around, and that in actual fact there are no new sushi, but the same sushi recycled in front of you.

For me, change comes with the greatest reward to and for the self.  It starts, but certainly does not end just with us.  There are many discussions of change management, with organisations and businesses.

According to a speaker on the ‘Reinvent yourself’ panel at the IBA, topics such as resilience, emotional intelligence (EQ), stress management, emotional management around failure are taught in medical schools in the US, to better prepare future doctors to tackle the medical profession and the changes it may have on them.

Why then, some may ask, are we not doing that in the legal profession, or any other profession?

Quickbase highlights 5 different challenges we may face in change:

  • Handling resistence with patience
  • Managing conflicts
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Protecting your team
  • Looking ahead

Tying it with the topic of resilience, how do we cultivate all of this.

Being in Silicon Valley, the notion of being flexibility seems to be a repeated theme for successful startups.  There is no such thing as failure, but rather learning, unlearning, learning, questioning how we do things, how we can do things differently.

The term I think of is ‘Zaizen’ – how do we constantly, self-improve?

How can we make the changes to allow us to be our better selves?  To gain a bird’s eye view of the whole problem or issue?

What if this notion of change, is a journey that we never arrive?

Are we on the right path?

Is our ladder standing on the right wall?

Is this journey the right one?

Perhaps it is never about the destination?

Are you happy on that journey?

When do you know you have arrived?

Does it matter if we arrive or not?

Or is it about embracing each and every moment.

Redefining what we want, our happiness and how it makes us feel on a daily basis?



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