Real deal on Future lawyers

Diversity, flexibility, options and living as we wish – whilst seemingly simple is harder to achieve than one thinks.

As we share stories of what we would be doing if we are not a lawyer, the answer was broad – pilot, opera singer, teacher, boat maker….the list goes on…

What do we want as future lawyers? Work life balance. Some recommended we put it on the agenda. That it is ok to talk about stress, bring in psychologists, speak to our bar, approach management and focusing and investing in the problem.

Technology can be seem as a blessing or curse- depending on how you see it. Interconnectedness may alsp mean never switching off.

What about worklife balace as Corporate Social Responsibility? Is it not about thinking alternatively?

How does a future law firm look like? A few lawyers overseeing computers? Would there be an increase or decrease of lawyers? What about the billable hour? What about service delivery firms?

How about influence of blockchain?

Where is the Uber law firm?

What are the skillsets of a lawyer?

A techie?

A lawyer?

Social skills?

What are the career perspectives of future lawyers?

How would we answer that?

How different?

Good luck in building law firm of the future.

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NewSpace Legal Futurist. Strategist. Speaker. Poet. Writer.

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