Being the Authentic You

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Yesterday, I attended a startup bootcamp with Ben Roulston and sometimes it may surprise you what half a day can do to you when you really put your mind to it.

What is it that you really care about?  And why do you do it?  Drawing upon Simon Sinek‘s work of ‘Start with the why:  How great leaders inspire action’, it was nothing short of going back to revist my subconscious mind and ask ‘What am I here?’  And of course we are invited to ask ‘Why does your organisation exist?’

If we cut to the core of it, and look at inspiring organisations like Apple and Tesla, the why is what inspires, engages and gets us out of bed.  Let’s not forget it’s the Founders that move us, and it is their story of challenges, failures, defeats which makes us want to follow them.

Failures as lessons, successes as milestones and a constant repeat of learn and grow.

After doing an exercise of trend spotting on key words, AI really racks up alot of emotional scores.  Some love it.  Some hate it.  But if I have to put my own take on it, it really is how we take it and what we want to do with it.  ‘Don’t put AI magic dust’ on it, as I recall from my lessons at Singularity University in Silicon Valley.  It goes with the technology that is available to us and as we develop it.

What meaning does such technology have for us?  Is it not about the people?  Absolutely.

The human element never leaves us, and that is why getting clear on it is ever so important.  When a colleague talks about the challenges at work, particularly when times are tough, when there is an M&A, a restructuring, a fall out, a death – let’s not forget it’s the people that gets impacted first.  It starts with the mind, hearts and souls of these beings.

Quick to be brushed aside by spread sheets of profits, and if our projectory is true- automation is going to replace about 40% of jobs by 2050 so try holding your breath.  That won’t help.

My recent talk about Law, Ethics and AI is an attempt to try and sound some ideas out at the Intel IoT Devfest. 

My thoughts and message to developers is pretty simple – let’s be authentic and real in our discussions with Law, AI, autonomation, unmanned systems and in our decision.  Let’s go back to our values on what matters to us when we need to decide what happens in an incident between running over A or B.  I am very much echoing what Clayton Christensen in his book, ‘How will you measure your life?’

When we shortchange our selves, by making shoddy decisions – the only person regretting is us.  And we are told to learn from our mistakes and not to repeat those decisions.  The progressive developments of AI and technology is impacting on us all and at an exponential rate, there is no time to delay decision making or strategic thinking.

My role is to help others find their purpose, that 5% that is untapped, trapped inside us, for fear of let lose because that is the true authentic self.

When we mask our corporate selves with a title, a role and job that no longer serves us, it does something else to us.  It kills us ….slowly.  I am excited that Ben Roulston is going to be releasing an app soon that is catered for the young, intelligent man on their wellbeing.

Had I not looked into mindfulness and picked up meditation a few years back, I would not have realised what a large elephant this topic use to be.  Now it is mainstream.  Now every organisation that cares, does something for their constituency, their membership and their work force.

i am proud of the Bar Council of England and Wales for taking mindfulness seriously.  For listening to my inputs and realising that no profession for survive if they do not care for the very people they are trying to serve.


May happiness and joy be with you all.

Goenka Ji, Master of Vipassana Meditation




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