Re-Writing one’s history

rewriting history

It’s a few more days and 2017 will be history. The seconds to 2018 will tick and we will start pondering what will the new year bring. Perhaps more importantly, how was 2017, what happened, what did we achieve, who did we see, what experiences did we encounter.

Life — how do we measure it? Prof. Clayton Christensen’s book is simply too on the point to ignore. Do you want more money, greater general wealth, better relationships, a new start, better work colleagues? The list is endless….

Pockets of world news can shape and inform part of how we think, with further insight and research we may choose to ignore it all. Had it not been the journey of starting meditation, I think I would not have seen clarity that the way I currently have.

And as one uncovers, the dirt, there is more to be found. A tip of the iceberg, in it’s truest sense is probably not just realising but the courage to go there.

Thinking — what can I do? How can I achieve this? It can be anything — climate change, health improvements, raising the quality of life for the poor, quality of life for the aging and how we can be greater human beings.

As tensions remain between the weather, sights and sounds of each individuals’ reality, I think the Universe has a way of leading us in a certain direction, if not convergence. It takes a step back for reflection before moving forwards and even then there are no rules, no guides, no guarantees.

How do you know you will ever succeed in X? The answer is, we don’t know. We are stepping into the dark with most things. Decisions in life, setting up a startup, advising someone, sharing an idea, writing a book, taking an action. The chain reaction of events are things that we have not ever even envisaged — yet things happen.

If 2018 is the year of the Earth Dog, a year which only comes once in 60 days then accordingly the issues of social justice and our humanitarian selves will seek a higher truth, a greater priority and call for it.

The reason being Earth is of a nourturing nature, and provides soil as to what is needed for most plants and life source. The need for a solid foundation as it were. And how can we do what we do, if we don’t have clear values? If we simply follow the blind or the majority, would we not lose sight of what matters to us most?

In my travels, I have come to two simple truths. The first is people seek beauty, regardless if it is a war torn country or a developed society, people want to look good. The second, is people want to belong, to have a sense of belonging, to be like others, if not simply a sense of being accepted by others. It surprised me in the same way that beauty surprised me.

2018 is going to be a year of solidarity between causes, between what matters to us to see visions become a reality. To seek kinship, friendship and alliances in values and truth.

May 2018 bring you peace, love and joy.



Legal Futurist

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