Moon - skywatch v1


She possessed me in the same way that she did last night,

Dripping voices and liquid delight into my presence;

Her gaze gripping mine, her aura ever present.


As a plane flies by she does not falter, she shines on,

I could not resist her gaze yesterday;

Neither could I today,

Her beauty is eternal.


How she shines and smiles,

Such cheeks with dimples-

I can see them light years away,

Not a tear in her eye, but of joy.


Yet, we are so far away from each other,

I reach out my arm and can hold her in one;

I like a reflection in water I feel lost,

How can I ever get close to her?


My gaze is unfazed as if that would change my reality,

My heart yearns for hers yet feel only own beating;

Is it a lost cause?

Will this all be in vain?

I ponder as I look up at her to me.


Every evening she puts a spell on me,

I am transfixed by her;

I cannot hide from her,

Nor my feelings.


Tonight is different, I see her whole,

Her roundness, in full perfection;

Is it possible, that she be so flawless?

I move, looking from left to right;

Then right to left and back again.


With a sigh of designation,

I surrender, knowing full well she does not belong to me, nor anyone else’s;

She’s a muse, for admiration,

Trescending anything that I know.


Deep inside, she will have my full love,

My hopes, my dreams and vulnerabilities;

Like an ageless Goddness- I surrender,

To the Moon.




Published by ArtofLiving2080

NewSpace Legal Futurist. Strategist. Speaker. Poet. Writer.

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