The New King

You are now the New King,

And so he smiles, what new responsibility, what new challenges, what….

What are they going to do?

Young by age, green by nature, hardly faced crushing defeat.

Now, that will all change.

Cheers, and waves of flags, he embraces the new cloak of authority,

Will he ever see them again?

Can life ever be the same?

What do those new words mean?

Expectations….and greater expectations….

The fanfare is inside, the trumpets that ringer louder internally,

there will be no defeat, no sense of lost, in time or jewels;

only triumphant in this moment …..of truth.

Pray at 38, they treat him kindly, for the road is long ahead,

How can one prepare?

One cannot – but face what must be.

Silent voices sing prayers to him, sending him courage and support,

May this be his day of greatness.

A call to be King.



Written by HT 18 March 2018



Published by ArtofLiving2080

NewSpace Legal Futurist. Strategist. Speaker. Poet. Writer.

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