The Candle

candle imagesource: Candlecanvas


There is no flame that burns so softly,

There is no right or wrong to the sway;

Like a house of cards falling to the ground,

is brought to dust, then laid in the river…


Tapping through the rain, blown against the wind,

a zig-zag movement down the valley, from on the corners;

figuring out to acknowledge this existence,

the birds send a messenger, like a friend cheering them on;

entering, re-entering their life, like a gentle gush of wind,

crisp leaves roll, over and over again;

working hard against the rocky road.


Shifting against the guilt,

swan like feathers flap against the heat;

encircled by six crystal stones like swords trapping them in the lake;

moving against the tide, starting to see new light,

progressing towards a new path.


Guided in the dark, replying on their vision,

Five cups full of mercury like water; free flowing down the ocean;

across the four corners of the world,

their tears touch all soils;

some refusing to recognise, refusing to see, leaving them stranded,

yet the energy and net holds everything in place;

within the security of their thoughts, holding justice above the swords.


They will get you out of it, acknowledged the world,

Cutting through the vines and chains;

bleeding in remembrance, and saving each treasured cup,

looking to the Moon, loving the view;

helping them out of the dark, looking down, back, forward, in between……


With a crystal ball in her hand,

gazing at the Moon, there is clarity;

finding the missed ones, the messages, signs and trusting them,

coming out in all forms from her and notifying the wolves not howling;

a balance of measured eye sight and not knowing of what lies ahead.


Nude optimism.

Fire in her belly, mustering up her courage,

heading towards the wolves, seeing them, acknowledging them and moving out from them;

Taking in their presence, taking each one of them, tempering with their energies,

what is coming?


Moving along their path again, they are not alone,

At the edge of a mountain, a prominent path appears;

Ten wands as candles appear, lighting the path they were on,

each step to be taken.


It’s been a hard journey,

It was meant to be;

Balancing……such divine timing,

letting go of the fear, expectations,

embracing the now.


The strong light pulls them out of darkness,

ushering them down the road;

giving birth to new ideas,

breaking through solid thoughts;

the story.


As they are about to reach the mountain top,

not counting everything, not questioning the meaning;

seeing the faces that join them,

questioning their life path and understanding it;

each step like a bullet taken,

a hard destiny.


The wheel turns as intended,

yet shielded like an armadello for us to see;

a path for us to see, to understand,

strength, energies changing, uncertainty, yet uplifting;

life changing.






Published by ArtofLiving2080

NewSpace Legal Futurist. Strategist. Speaker. Poet. Writer.

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