Asteroids in Hubble Frontier Field Abell 370

Asteroids in Hubble Frontier Field Abell



The penny drops, and nails fall to the ground,

clunk, clunk rolling off the stairs and landing in front of the ducks;

quack, quack, a swarm of bells huddle towards the honey tree,

the Queen Bee’s energy is in demand.


Standing out like a blue diamond, Queen Bee is busy amongst her swarm,

The colony has discovered new breeds of plants;

soft, transparent, light pollen communicating at the speed of light,

playing games, transporting one message to another.


The levels of demand on the bodies of these firm bodies,

includes entering razor thin spaces, living in dense environments;

launching payloads from one star to another,

an extraordinary move, depending on their own bodies.


Taking a look at their neighbour’s space, they organise themselves like an orchestra,

distant, yet close; orbiting amongst the tunes of others, tolerating a few of them;

blowing up ant holes, travelling an urban myth of ant colonies,

a giant feed of vertical elephants and confusing the maze themselves.


It is like an assembly line – feeling ok to break things, to be less than the other,

looking closely through a microscope – can you see how large it is?

a changing nest of colours, going for synchronistic movements and turns,

how many numbers can you see?


Is the Queen Bee in the control room?  Can you see the IT systems?

There is no standing army, or endless population –

They are like frequent, fragile snow flakes with a huge difference to their cousin, hail,

and in their operating philosophy.


Talk to me, don’t talk to me….

what do you see in them?  They move up into larger structures, yet maintaining their independence,

Like cells that only count, leveraging the resources above, beyond and around them;

Keeping in mind their limited time frame of thousands and thousands of years.


Like a book with many pages, the intriguing marks of thousands of years stand,

they are yet to be disrupted;

especially when half either collide, disappear or have no more capacity to grow,

waiting in their comfort zones, pushing and glidding…


In a secure rhythm, they touch the other relative stars,

taking colours with them as they match the others’ rhythm;

like excited robots,

sending messages and payloads seemlessly.


By Helen Tung


25 July 2018








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