Lagoon Nebula

Legune NebulaSource:


A splash of light, the puddle echoes across the pond,

lillies part, as ducks swim forward, gliding gracefully alongside the river bed;

Green mini-monsters roar, emerald shades add volume to the fragrant cluster,

such breeze, as gentle as spring, like a day out on a row boat.


Sending ripples above the cave,

with mirrors reflecting the sounds, sights and smells;

as welcoming as the entrance of Disneyland – a world of magic spells and surprises,

she swims deeper into the void.


As she lifts her arm swimming backwards, she grasps the tiny molecules – of cousins of flowers,

Like morning dew, like pollen or orbs, they cut across like a disruptive body;

swaying her body, touching the abyss, sensing the distance,

a technicolour range of colours on an industrial scale.


Like pening colour on a white board upside down,

she swims up and across – microgravity;

thinking of the work that has been created, thinking of what else can she colour,

independent and free thinking, vulnerable yet stable, with an exquisite eye for beauty.


She is neither ahead or behind, at the same pace as her peers,

hoping, jumping and eyeing the rainbow colours;

addressing her like a spectrum, paving the way for further insights,

modest, carefully crafted and frozen in time.


There are few that see her depth, like a building tower with 5 dimensions,

however, whatever way you look at her, it is impossible to truly see the layers;

No panic – she’s there, as small as a cell, as large as another supernova,

she is about quality, not quantity.


At the lower bounds of her edges, it is hard to reach her,

At the higher end you will see infinite stars and clouds surrounding her;

The demand to see her is immense, yet she is a shy performer and unwilling to reveal herself,

stretching, cutting across on both ends, making it like a magic show.


It is a patient moment, willing to wait and see,

how she turns, beating the odds of her dramatic turn;

two relationships, a healthy smile and endless source of light,

she is in equilibrium, happy and balanced.


This is a new way of living, new way of existing,

causing unexpected results, living extraordinarily;

living with the flow, embracing her powers, showing her colours,

her gracious movement – makes her so beautiful.


Like ice, previous and melting,

blending into the glass of liquid silently;

something special is happening – like converging patterns,

softening rough edges and reaching beyond herself.


Contrasting ideas and producing variable paths,

generating pulsations, making handmade clouds of pearl;

a kind of innovation like no-other,

There is no model for this art.



by Helen Tung

25 July 2018




Published by ArtofLiving2080

NewSpace Legal Futurist. Strategist. Speaker. Poet. Writer.

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