LEGUS Galaxies

LEGUS Galaxies v1

Source: Hubblesite.org


Set in the clouded dust of sugar and lime,

coatings turn and toil, through the invisible soil;

dancing and spinning, turning and swaying,

leaving imprints like children running across the sand.


Staring across the ocean, two twin brothers stand shoulder to shoulder,

the younger sister not too far behind;

they are playing cat and mouse,

blind folded and reaching out.


First sister goes down and slide, and the two brothers follow,

like entering a giant swing, they glide in circular motion like a water ride that never ends;

splashing energy and flourescent purple and orange,

reaching closer down the vortex.


Strokes of hot air, send them across the horizon,

separated, yet connected by invisible strands of red;

they spin and turn like rolling over cross,

maintaining perfect harmony and distance.


As they float closer to the centre, marshmellows form –

resting their head, slowly and steadily they fall asleep;

hush…..their faces glow, from a day of laughter and fun,

swinging with the lullaby, a restful stillness comes over them.


Sleeping stars in their eyes.



by Helen Tung

On LEGUS Galaxies

25 July 2018









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