Blood Moon

Blood Moon v1Source: ndtv


Parting their mind, completely lost in the vision,

Strongly compelled to search and see and observe;

Thinking of time, the past and overwhelmed,

Touching the senses, choices and attraction.


Questioning your possessions, whether you should or should not?

Thinking of the questions coming through –

Coming forward, seeing people around, giving, additional paths,

Keys to the puzzle, a bubble of beauty, pulling strength from that energy.


Balanced in the cloudless night, feeling the importance,

Like a negotiator, buyer, feeling special, important, beautiful;

Feeling extra, a whole new inspiration – brilliance, receiving good news,

Uncertain to the turns, realisations, reflections, relaxation……


Lighting up the homes, issuing cells of aura,

Affecting them, growing energies and feeling the reactions;

The journey parts, charging – fiery, stillness, eruptive,

Coming through layers of lava of emotions – tension, anger, conflict, love….


Standing in the multiverse – reflecting from Earth as one does from the Moon,

Sensing opposite relms of the same spectrum, hot earth, cold Moon,  cold Earth, blood Moon;

Whole stems of vertical rays, achieving distances and influence,

Recognising all eyes are on them.


Their option is to glow, putting a smile on their face,

Exactly what they needed, like a hero, sensing their power and achievements;

Helping others, with their passion, nostalgia and connected to their children and childhood,

Feeling a certain end to their personal journey.


The start of their journey, a package waiting for them,

A red answer ready for them, a change to their lives;

An offer bringing more attention, more information and importance,

Responsibility and interesting wishes coming to an end.



A big bubble of red paint, lasted more than one hour,

Bringing the hermits in, glowing in the cave, phoenix flying to them;

Sphyinx of Egypt wakes up to the power,

Orbs exiting the Bosnian healing pyramids;

Amazon pythons swim down stream, flowing deep into the jungle….


Coming forward, adjusting the sky frame,

Touching each and every one of us;

Drawing upon our strength, seeing through each one, giving us advice,

Realising how much love they are giving, a positive energy……

Changing our lives.




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