Global Cluster Messier 79

Global Cluster Messier 79 v1Source:


This is life, the oldest place where bees live,

They have a trained eye, understanding tropics, rocks, flowers and enhanced activities;

They understand the billions of patterns, pollen networks debating time scales,

Understanding their neighbours and how life manifested.


Going into unchartered regions, they understand life is everywhere,

from bacteria to molecules, from hot springs to Greek rivers;

degrading colours do not deter them,

genetic materials change according to their climate.


In searching life, they never assume or sacrifice themselves unwittingly,

they proliferate and leave their mark;

to understand how life can adapt to any possible environment,

producing honey and possibilities in the solar system.


When the ice melts, they see life forms,

What has happened over there?

What other organisms exist?

They drill down to three layers of matrix, keeping an open mind,

Why is it so open to explore?


They travel in constellations, almost every 6 months,

From the beginning they retain water, from the smallest to the largest;

losing their egos, what they had underground,

regaining power on the surface, protecting their growth from dryness.


Knowing that life cannot survive without radical moves,

Appreciating how toxic the environment is;

They think of their mission and how they can protect humanity,

Enthusiastically bumbling away, whizzing the surface of the earth and Universe.



Following them for 10 years, they never stop looking,

They strive for life, making landings on all kinds of flowers and surfaces;

As they gain from the minerals, they lick up the water, comparing what they know,

sighting blue patches with their express constellations and instruments.


The gullys give them hope, they see the transit and paths in which the water travels,

Exciting their clan and to the possibilities;

An important topic to discuss with other habitable beings,

They have been doing so for billions of years.


It was never really what their mission was…..

Now they have found many molecules, many organic compounds, where they can understand how such molecules can allow them to survive,

a first real insight and sensing seasons of change;

With life on earth and in the Universe.


Understanding the cycle of life,

from 6 weeks of curiosity, crashing through storms and deserts;

Expressing their will to survive,

locating their livelihood and that of others.


In such planets, they flow to rivers and lakes,

flying deep into their worlds, travelling distances further than ever imaged;

showing others where they have been,

signaling the important ingredient of life.


Space exploration is exciting.




by Helen Tung

28 July 2018






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