Orion Nebula (Infrared visualisation)

Orion Nebua, Infrared Visualisation 11.01.2018 v1Source: http://hubblesite.org/image/4111/news


From the many many planets,

She dips her toes into the river of hot air;

reflecting her thinking, the interstella cloud, micro sized participles dance around her;

circular dust grains, planetary embroys, clashing and forming small bodies of the solar system.


Through a naked eye, she sees the collisions, invisible objects of history,

Pristine, surrounding by comets, asteroids and meteorites;

glowing of cherry pink, deep sea green flying across the asteroid belt,

1,2,3….50…counting and counting.


Orbiting, sensing danger, transforming to stars to avoid impact,

Since early history of earth, resting in stability continuously impacting bodies;

cleaning the river of gas, confined propellants and formed planets,

Understanding the multi-colours of compositions.


Giving life to light, she finds out like-beings,

Where is Rosetta?

Where are the other star dust?

What is this surface?

Floating for 10 years, having an unplanned chart;

data flowing from her, detecting other objects, aging targets,

are there any originals?


Fast diving into other water falls, softly rumbling over,

one turn after another, going closer, the pink crystalises into orange pink;

clumping together like a slow collison, not easy to transit,

discovering the landscape and fields.


Building with other star dust, and landing in paradise,

she feels the orbit, and instruments around her;

Just follow the comet, follow the sun…..

tiny fibres brush by her legs, arms and hair,

activating her senses.


Descending into the abyss, landing 10km from another star dust,

Relaxed and moving slowly between the surface and land;

like a leaf, oscillating left and right, finding the perfect nesting place,

however, she slightsly glides and bounces from one ladder to another.


Fluffy rivets, making her roll down a soft cliff,

hoping back up and finding her self onto an open crater;

measuring the distance, she has travelled very far in the last 60 hours,

as if waking up from a coma.


No body has really been here,

many others observe her movements;

how beautiful – they remark,

She sees herself like them.


With an outburst of joy, she starts to explore.




by Helen Tung

28 July 2018



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