Saturn Opposition

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The king carries his swords by his sides,

Dealing with a dragon air animal, facing the truth and honesty of his position;

Feeling their instinct and not giving in one inch,

Looking at their past efforts and what inventory they may have.

What business have you to come to my territory, demanded the King?


A careless creature, cold from the outside, gases coming from a thin stream,

Shifting, unstable, an unlikely romantic partner;

They are trying to help, they want him to see the truth,

What is the problem?


There is someone here, murmurs the Dragon,

We are not giving up, dressing up, you don’t have to comment;

This is you, I am a reflection of you,

There is a connection, wanting this double energy to be fought.


Missing, I am at lost, feeling there are swords wrapped around his being,

What are you struggling against?

Let go, let go —signals the Dragon,

Confusion, and here you are safe, fixing his tail.


You are not defeated, though you are still not here yet,

You are not healed, there is something lacking;

The Dragon quickly turns, about to leave,

Another fire sign offering their compassion, proposing a change in being.


Involving this being, the King is lost,

in his life, he was never confronted by a Dragon, unsure it was trying to help him;

offering him peace and a proposal of strength,

contemplating this, he is sensing the fire.


Amongst the cold scales, there is love,

He needs to fight to end this hostility, a fight for acceptance;

So heavy, so deep, sensing the metals, the solidity,

He is coming to a breakthrough.


Going against his very grain, against his very being,

This is opposite to that, he is rebelling against the way he has always being;

The Dragon is doing good, making him contemplate,

challenge his being and choices that he’s making.


We are not finished yet, says the Dragon,

The truth is coming out –

The things that are being said, what steps are you making?

The King cannot operate without his shield, his army and now he is rebelling against it,

During this time, the King is invited to be truthful.

Then the Dragon flies, and suddenly the King feels a connection.

He hopes for their return.


by Helen Tung




Published by ArtofLiving2080

NewSpace Legal Futurist. Strategist. Speaker. Poet. Writer.

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