Galactic Black Hole

Galactic Hole v1Source:


Implosions in the atmosphere…..

Exciting, dangerous and built on it’s first success of travelling through time;

Rich in minerals, arriving and staying for the next 18 months, readjusting the camera and door way to an alternative Universe,

Bringing others back to earth.


About 1 km diameter, the scientists are now trying to see can we transplant the experiences back in the lander, size of a shoe box,

It may hop and transfer back to the robotic arm from space to earth;

depending on conditions of the surface, it will measure properties, arriving at the river,

drop at their presence, the shoe box, contacting the mothership.


Capturing images with cameras, infra-spectrums, searching minerals, searching outer life,

A mission of 18 hours, bringing samples back to earth through the wormhole;

What kind of results have been taken over those many years?

Over 3000 scientists have been working on this, over decades years of work,

High tech laboratories and experiments.


Commanders, giving inflight calls, changing gears, speeds, time scales, perspectives from material scientists, to engaging with AI,

Educating the experiments to find everything they can of other life forms;

showing them how to communicate, to us,

Our health is a determining factor of how long this mission will last.


There is no rehabilitation on the otherside, there is no experience like anyother on the otherside,

This research, material science is preparing us for the future side of the wormhole;

Contributing to great ideas, end of life means second life,

Transitioning from this world to that world, and many other words, we do not know yet how can we continue as we do.


Working with other human outposts, we could expand our Universes,

Apply the many years of ideas of space travel, travel by light, deep space gateway, space cities of the Moon, Mars and in orbit;

Go further, go further than your dreams –

Understanding how we can survive there, how can we prepare for it….

As if it were our last.


By Helen Tung

28 July 2018


Published by ArtofLiving2080

NewSpace Legal Futurist. Strategist. Speaker. Poet. Writer.

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