Crab Nebula

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Living as part of Taurus constellation, 6,500 light years away,

She has propulsed herself out wards before going full circle towards Libra in two months time;

Scouting the interesting friends and foes, seeing what is good,

The changes in her datasets, exposed lime lights, spinning in and out..


Making her life so real, so short,

only see through murals, between laughts long before the existence of our youth;

like a launcher without evaporation, without landing on any optical surfaces,

we operate in her mindset.


Like a bulky bear, helping others setup in the right frame of mind,

This is like a steam, narrow her realm, detecting where others exist and fish;

Realising her life being interpreted by PhDs, ticking boxes, yes or no…

and they did much interpretation to her supernova existence.


Flying through cubesats, filtering data, capability of seeing between things,

assessing what is relevant, what is not, like a fisherman on a surface boat;

with propulsion and in a 10x10x10 form, with the help of artificial intelligence,

seeing technology shape her existence.


Through technology, we sense how much faster, smarter she really is,

what do we see?

Her emerging constellations, brings interesting angles and shades of green;

Unfolding, processing and repeatable.


Once in a while her web expands and shrinks, grows and tires,

breathing each atom in and out of her nebulous system;

digital systems take her imprints, like wolves ahead of the pack,

fast and slow, crashing against imaginary walls.


Digital fasting, real challenges in time,

Analogue factories, with few words to describe her startled she feels;

Carrying a sort of heritage far, far away from humanity,

doing things which is foreign, attempting to close the loop.


553 closer to her birth date, how is the future doing?

Like a song by the Beetles 1964, will they still me, she thinks?

Looking at a world changing very rapidly, like billionaires staring into the millions,

Something to spend on.


Showing coins for the launcher, for the golden cup,

Taurus is charging forward, paving the way;

Is she a model for the future?

We simply do not know.


Bold, emergent, jade like existence,

Who will drive her forward?

As more and more supernovas become evident to us,

will they become a cloud of debris?


What can be done?

What are the trends?

What would you like to see?



by Helen Tung

31 July 2018

Image Credit: NASA and ESA;
Acknowledgment: M. Weisskopf (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center)


In celebration of UNISPACE50+

As part of ISU-SSP18 Humanities Department ‘Deep Space and Life’s Energy’ Project



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