Neptune (full colour)

Neptune v1

Source: Neptune (Full colour) 23 June 2016


She takes the stage by storm,

Then gentle nudges others – can you hear me, her voice so gentle, so soft;

Assuming her audience knows her,

she playfully chuckles in her normal state.


What is it that you need?

Where would you like to go?

Her voice is so enticing?

Like a game, she invites you to name her, to identify with her,

Her body, like yours is made of water.


How do you consider her?

In human form?  How do you perceive her?

How do you sum it up?


Thinking of the masses, the technology to reach her, the way and type of methods to reach her,

Going beyond the blue ocean, trying to cover the bases of the waves;

Closing in on her water based enclosure,

Like something we do everyday.


Speak up shouts the audience,

So you don’t see me?  She asks coyly;

We are drawn to her, her mass, volume, energy and presence,

How do we support her?


Paying attention to each move she makes, each level she transcends,

All the equations are thrown out the window;

All the experts scratch their head, they do not know how to compute her,

They do not consider her a project, they call her Mel.


A world of her, rejecting the complexity of earth,

step by step, engaging with her from smaller molecules, to Co2;

seeing how she breathes, the air she takes in, and how intensive her energy production is,

The light she projects and how much that influences us.


Granted she conceives many stars,

checking that she is functioning well, how water runs by her, through her, like showers to flowers;

blooming with gentle treatment,

such live she gives to others, to other stars and flow paths.


What she products is rarely tested,

They see her as an art, a demonstration;

She is challenging yet gentle, arousing stillness and exploration,

Tearing away our own thought processes, she leads us to many paths.


Our parameters shift, by her very nature,

her uniqueness rejects any pre-planned design;

almost picture perfect, as taken by a NASA astronaut,

what conclusion can we draw from this?


She is a system of her own, a planet interconnected with all the other surrounding molecules,

Stating her own conditions of microgravity;

Appreciating her presence in the line of physical influence,

Nothing technical fazes her.


Welcome Neptune.


by Helen Tung

Founder & Convenor, NewSpace2060 International Moon Pitch Competition

In celebration of UNISPACE50+
As part of ISU-SSP18 Humanities Department ‘Deep Space and Life’s Energy’ Project

Neptune (Full Colour)

The semi-major axis of Neptune’s orbit about the sun is 30.06 astronomical units (roughly 2.8 billion miles or 4.5 billion kilometers).

Neptune has a diameter of roughly 30,800 miles (49,600 kilometers) at the equator.

Data were provided by the HST proposal 14492: M.H. Wong (PI), I. de Pater, J. Tollefson, and K. de Kleer (UC Berkeley), H. Hammel (Space Science Institute), S. Cook (AMNH), R. Hueso and A. Sanchez-Lavega (University of the Basque Country, Spain), A. Simon (NASA/GSFC), M. Delcroix (French Astronomical Society, SAF), L. Sromovsky and P. Fry (University of Wisconsin, Madison), G. Orton (JPL), and C. Baranec (University of Hawaii, Manoa).

Exposure Dates: May 15-16, 2016