dreams v1source: EOspirituality



Coming here is about dreaming,

Coming here is believing;

Coming here is about meeting your greatest fears and living through it,

When was the last time I felt this?


They promised little, there were no expectations,

it was all a trial, a test of how we would be;

I felt like I was flying through the mountains,

climbing the highest peaks, only to realise…


The only point of failure, or thing stopping me was….myself,

My mind telling me can or can I not achieve this;

Will or will I not make it,

There were noises from above and below…but….

What really mattered was my will.


Some of us wake up in seconds, others in minutes,

It has taken years to get to this point, where minds meet;

They expected nothing,

They just wanted us to be free.


Free of the chains we put ourselves in,

Free of the burdens that society imposes on us,

Free from the criticial minds of others,

Where is the love?


We are born free from day one,

We have everything the world ever wanted;

We are perfect as we are,

There is nothing missing, including all the imperfections.


How we reflect our innerselves and how is that projected outwards?

If we take a step back and appreciate how beautiful the Universe is,

This mindset, this way of thinking and being, puts us to the test;

of honesty, responsibility and courage.


We seek inner truths,

Inner beauty;

And that is always there,

Our own life force, our very being.



by Helen Tung

Thank you ISU SSP18 especially Humanities Department for giving me perspective in the search of meaning to our Universe and life