Mars Futurism 2068

mars futurismsource: NASA /Victor Tangermann


The heat pulsates through her leg,

Rushing leaves dry up as the illusion of water abounds;

time, do I have any time left,

she senses the rays and clashing lights.


Counting, slowly she takes a step back from the lenses,

re-adjusting she looks again;

of crackling fires, mystical beams and balls of coal,

burning bright red against the cool shade.


Humanity of a different kind live there,

they have adapted, applied themselves to the evolution of outerspace;

once fears of radiation and burning, is a thing of the past,

with the power of imminent technologies and natural healing medicines – there is nothing to fear.


They speak a new language, one created once living on the Moon,

years on language and culture has evolved;

even friendships created with other planets,

now there is an ecosystem of planets.


Still in the lab, looking through what appears to be a screen shot,

save that it is what feels like light years away;

They are circling at different times, like jumping different hoops on odd counts,

the family has now expanded -one planet each.


Life on earth exposed us to many different languages and cultures,

this has given us great preparation for what was to come;

evolution has not stopped, only changing with the geography, time and place,

returning home is a massive journey.


New species, new plants, kinds and varieties,

sparking new ideas and blowing the minds of former scientists;

we have odd names to call futurists because they really are teachers,

what they saw, happened, what they believe is real.


The people of Mars are no different from Earth,

save that they are what we knew of in Sci-Fi movies, more sophistocated,

intelligent and changeable.

Their bodies adapt to the environment, in the same way that air can be liquid, as liquid air,

We are no longer shocked or surprised, yet fascinated by their abilities;

We once called them superpowers, however, this is just the norm.


For the Mars people in 2068.


by Helen Tung

August 2018