Thank your body – breathing

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Thank you for being present,

Thank you for breathing;

Thank you for being there,

Thank you for being you.


When you struggle, I see it,

When you fail to hear, I understand;

When you fall, I feel your pain,

When you are in need, I reach out.


Each breathe you take, you do it for us,

Each time you think of oneness, you think of the Universe;

By breathing in you are clearing the path,

To the chaos, clutter and unnecessary waste.


There is nothing more precious on this earth than you,

Nothing more valuable than this breath of life;

Inhaling oxygen, generating calmness, releasing tension,

The world around you, the world in you – all starts with that one breath.


Concentrating your mind on what matters,

Bringing your mind back to your core;

Appreciating the inner struggle,

Understanding there is nothing resisting but you.


Letting go of your past woes,

Letting go of your insecurities and fears;

Letting go of that Ego,

That voice that no longer serves you.


Thank you for this journey,

Thank you for this pain;

Embracing it with love and compassion,

Your enemy, your friend, your foe, your present moment.


Awareness to our conscious mind,

Breathing with kindness, gentleness and humanity;

Being mindful of others,

Calming others as much as ourselves.


Learning to appreciate, the simplier things in life,

Loving the release in tension;

Living, knowing, trusting this present moment.