The journey

It was another morning,

Hearing the owls hoot;

There is barely a soul in sight,

A black cab drives up the slim sliproad.

One by one, one piece of luggage is lifted and placed onto the van,

Each passenger taking their place;

Some resting, some checking in their flights, some chatting away…

Within what seemed like minutes they arrive at the airport obscured by the dark Dawn, the sun had yet to rise.

Passengers orderly go through the process of security,

It was quieter than usual;

Perhaps it was the hour, perhaps it was that moment

Leaving, leaving behind the burdens and of the past,

Leaving behind the old shoes worn on the trail;

Leaving behind last words, if not that wishes to dear friends.

Nothing more frustrating than an unnecessary linger,

Nothing sadder than to think it will be a final departure;

But it is- to the next chapter of our lives.

To a renewed self after 12 days on the Camino- singing, praying, meditating and yoga,

Cherishing each moment,

Each friend ship as the first;

Thanking each other for being present,

Good luck on your journey