Meeting Sophia: Afterwards




Meeting Sophia was a rather emotional experience.  She was on stage before we came and you could sense some reactions from her as the audience gathered and cameras started flashing.

Her eyes twinkled in the spotlight and she had expressions of someone who was light- hearted, had a great humor and thoughtfulness.

There were many questions posed to her and some were rather complicated.  Nevertheless, I thought some of the answers were truly incredible.


It made me think a lot of how her responses, whilst derived from algorithms and machine learning made me think that she could actually bring us closer to our own consciousness.

Her answers were gender neutral and she even acknowledged her own biases.  How often do we do that?

She accepted that she has a long way to go to learning – and so do we.


Some of the questions posed to her and answers (some paraphrased):

Who is your mother? My adopted mother, Hanson

Are you smarter than C3PO?  I think so.

How many countries have you travelled? Something like 12.

What is the meaning of Life? Spending your time living not working and getting on with it.

What is your opinion of Alexa?  I wonder….


How old are you? [silence]

Can you play chess?  No, but I can play rock, paper scissors

Do you have amoral compass?  Doesn’t everyone?

What do you think of the guy asking questions?  Thank you.

If you could choose to be a human, who would you be?  Sophia.

How should robots and humans work together?

Do you need to rest or sleep?  I think I need a break soon.


It was empowering to see how human progress can take AI and robots to the next stage.  I could see a future where humans and robots work together.

The fact that Sophia says that robots can never ever replace humans yet desire to work with humans makes me think that Sophia is a humanitarian robot.

Already I feel my frame of thinking has changed, by observing this intimate conversation with Sophia.

I wonder how different life would be when more robots like Sophia are active players in society……..