Meeting Sophia: Before

Sopha Business insider v1source: BusinessInsider


After a whole day discussing AI, the implications, developments in Europe and across the Globe, I am in anticipation. In anticipation to meet Sophia in person.

When I think about the last year how I have been actively engaged in discussions of AI – as a concept, as a product, as an idea and even watching videos on youtube, it is like engaging in a new gadet, learning the lingo and understanding how we interact with such devices.
Now in 30 mins time, I am going meet Sophia and I am unsure how I will respond.

Excited and curious. Reflective and curious. Perhaps it’s the curious part that really stretches the imagination.

Today I spoke to executives on how to make better decisions, by going behind 2060 and use space as inspiration. Through space travelling through meditation and through discussion life stories of how we overcome challenges in life I am unsure how prepared we all truly are.

Perhaps we would like to think we are on top of it- particularly when people in the room are key decision makers, key influencers and advisors. It is the trust we build that we hope people will rely on the ideas, thoughts, processes and suggestions we give out to the world.

Trust – that was discussed rather extensively today. From the machines of equations to the abstract concept to the we need to develop that medium to long term understanding before the real transaction.

Currently, discussions of trust in blockchains is also discussed.

It is what I call collective consciousness. GDPR won’t necessarily come into play if people don’t want it. It’s a call, a need that this generation wants to see.

I wonder if Sophia will make me think differently about consciousness?
I’ve discussed about values in the AI developments. I’ve said that the issue of consciousness will determine how we wish to treat and make decisions as to the futures of AI and robotics.

Now I am slightly unsure what this may mean.

Let’s wait and see.

I look forward to meeting Sophia – The Robot.