Synchronicities: Singularity University & International Space University

One year apart, similar experiences, intelligent people, passionate about space, the Universe, Open minds, open hearts, fun loving adventures.

As I embarked on SSP18 at International Space University, many asked me, how was Singularity University?

The curiosity grew and grew. I then thought, I really needed to write a post about it.

Again, this is just my personal experience and many others may find it differently.

It then occurred to me, I am a rare breed, and I feel so fortunate to be part of these two families.

There are few that have attended both Singularity University and International Space University. How do I know this? Because I have been told and yes, it does feel special.

It’s not a badge to wear, but rather a special recognition as to my place in the world.

For the last few years, I started a journey trying to figure out what is my purpose.

There has been highs and lows, saving lives to a disappointing end to a spacetech startup to meeting incredible mentors and amazing people.

Each person that came into my life played a purpose, each message, each interaction had a reason and purpose. From seeing Michael Potter’s ‘Orphans of Apollo‘ to working on Hubble Images and doing a short film on ‘Deep Space and Life’s Energy’ to my personal drawings and poetry – everything felt connected.

When an ISU Alumni came to speak to us about branding – I started thinking what was my mission in life? What is my purpose? I struggled, I really struggled.

I wanted to serve the world, I wanted to contribute to NewSpace and I wanted to make a positive impact – they are values embedded at Singularity University by Peter Diamandis and internationalism, opening space to all at International Space University.

Then, on an unexpected flight delay from Brussels to Santiago de Compostela where I will embark on a 12 day journey doing the El Camino trail I had a thought, ‘To make better decisions in life.’

How do you sum on your life’s work?

How do you start describing what you do?

For all the things that have happened in my life, from bringing the dead back to life, from seeing the light, to time travel and experiencing multiverse – it is hard to pin it in one word, let along one sentence.

When I hear of Vishen Lakhiani speak of consciousness – I get it.

I understand that meaning – of synchronicities.

For the hours of listening to Goenka Ji, Deepak Chopra, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Eckart Toile, the Dalai Lama, Alan Watts, Wayne Dwyer, Debora King, Peter Diamandis and many others I know it’s a channelling of energy to a greater purpose.

This journey, they call it a Hero’s journey at Singularity University is like a journey that was meant to be. I see similar people at International Space University, with an undying soul, a formidable presence and infinite love.

A passion so powerful, there is nothing we cannot overcome.

At the lowest point in my life, these people have come into my path to send me a message, to guide me and show me the way.

That is why I meditate everyday for gratefulness, for my family and friends and for your presence.





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