Mountain Rise


Step….into the rain, puddle with your feet,

Rising early to the heat;

Falling into the rumble, lowering into the deeper depths of gravity,

savior the taste of earth…salt…


New discovered lands, rising to your feet,

Sensing discovery, how it was always like…the first time;

You roll back the clock, the months, hours, minutes,

Each droplet evaporates, like it never existed.


Pacing itself, the cricket sings a song,

It echoes larger than life;

Where is it coming from?

Joining the choir, they respond to their call –


The misty sky turns, blue then orange and a shimmer,

All heading in the same direction, path guided by the river bed;

Leading the way by smell, touch and waves,

Is there other human existence?


It feels like an island, a place unto itself,

Where are the crystal sands that touch my feet?

A journey into the unknown,

A journey into new planets.



by Helen Tung

20 Nov 2018


Inspired by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s piano piece Koko