Ford GT performance

Source: Ford GT Racing


Escapism at its best,

Putting on their light jacket and whipping out the keys;

They jump into the drivers seat and into the horizon,

Feeling the fresh air on their face, the sun warminly embracing them…


Racing with the nearby leopards, cheetahs, wild buffalos and eagles,

Flat horizons, mountain valleys, twists and turns…they have seen them all;

They journey to get on this one – how is it?

Entering a tunnel, within a tunnel, light dims….


Small clouds of light illuminate the darkness,

Calling for more, the morning birds guide their way;

Rising from the recess, manouvering back into action,

Like a sleeping giant on roller skates, they are off –


Embracing freedom like never before,

Seeing everything new for the first time;

A second change to live, a second change to breathe,

Embracing nature, the environment, smells of morning dew.


Dancing with nature, the rainbow colours and magical beans,

Paving the path for the next journey;

They transform into the flowing river and embraces each other traveller,

Jumping past canyons, mountains or cliffs.


No one is the same,

They all make their paths to the pinnacle,

Swinging by the curve – so close;

Yet far enough to enjoy nature at her best.


by Helen Tung

20 Nov 2018


Inspired by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s piano piece Forbidden Colours