Coming Full circle


full circle 1



Finding ourselves on a technological path,

without equations, separations and running real fast;

virus, climate change – our time in history,

our prayers, affirmations, beliefs and language….


Spoken through the heart,

we have an immediate impact on our minds and bodies;

the truths in our bodies,

light as light – dark as dark.



Our energetic fields live in the present moment,

the real time application is about being specific in what we want in our lives;

In the soup of quantum possibilities,

how can the field know what to give to us?


How can we transcend the law of physics and biology?

More than our suffering, our past, our suffering?

Ask the question – where do these thoughts come from?

Where and how do we relate to the divine matrix?


What do ancient texts say?

Neither positive or negative, until we judge?

Until we give it a feeling,

an acknowledgement, and allowing it to unfold,

without being afraid, or how it impacts us.


Something has crossed our path to observe,

to reconcile our feelings;

not ask our negative feelings, instead to set them free.


Inspired by Gregg Braden.


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