Electricity in hands


source: pinterest


Moving mountains in our paths,


with bear hands and sounds of angels;


questioning scientists is it human or not,


when a group of people come together with a mission – we all move mountains.




Coming together to feel the peace,


creating those feelings of power;


declining tragedy and secret traditions,


embracing experiences in our hearts.





source: thecultivatedheart.com


Viewed by the scientist, it may be a moment in time,


By others, such prayers are continuous;


It has no end, as it has no beginning,


sacred and clear.




It is not something we do, but something we become;


we become the prayer,


every time, every moment, feeling based;






Like a tree, car, park…


Always being in prayer, and not in a moment;


a way a life,


the prayer never ends.



source: soulmedic.com





Inspired by Gregg Braden