A powerful word – when two energies match to find each other,

Like two guitars – one leaning on one, and one on another;

when plucked, the are in tuned the same,

other strings may not move.



We choose the quality of belief, with the truth and beauty,

or anger and hate;

We choose the resonance,

patiently, patiently.


A powerful principle in nature,

allowing for change, with few people;

Learning the language of peace, healing in their bodies,

They can convey in the divine matrix.


Stronger, and stronger,

in language, focusing on transcending;

no longer locked into negativity,

flying through clouds.



A rare, beautiful, healing,

performed through song;

We can see a cancerous cell disappear,

understanding resonance.


Her body heals,

When we pray as one;

Seeing the feeling, takes the conversation

to a whole possibility.


Is it real?

Is it fake?

We witness something with our hearts,

that it is real;

When we feel these feelings in our bodies,

We experience healing.



Meaning to practice, the trust within ourselves,

from moment to moment, with truth in their eye;

power in their eyes,

healing themselves.


Inspired by Gregg Braden


Published by ArtofLiving2080

NewSpace Legal Futurist. Strategist. Speaker. Poet. Writer.

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