Food frequency

Energy Centres



Energy, energy, to wake up,

consuming, drawing from the vital field;

expenditure in the life force of the border,

easily unbalanced.


Respecting the balance,

Not swinging too far;

as the polarity reaches the ceiling of the ego,

Lord of the rings- the power.


Giving it up, for something greater,

For love, the greater frequency;

All information and energy moves with intensity,

systems change, repairing, activating, producing a mind in the centre.



Consciousness moves through tissues,

noticing a mind, a mind of its’ own;

second, third, fourth centre – a different consciousness and intent,

In the fourth centre – we feel expansion and connection with divinity.


Creating coherence, biological chemicals,

restoring the body;

feeling gratitude, self-lessness starts,

Can you activate this centre?



Doing, giving, a different consciousness,

understanding, and when two coming into one;

a beautiful exchange of energy, growth and summation of energy.

As energy, shines and moves into divine valleys.


Balanced patterns, fall into place,

feeling secure, centered, taking care of the body;

thinking and feeling, as saying and doing,

emotions that are stored in the years of unconscious feeling and thinking unravels.


Living in a survival world,

it takes a lot to open one’s heart;

Without sitting still, a contrary to the act of openness,

focusing on dark matter.



Mapping and opening our hearts,

like a researcher, opening page after page;

like an amplifier, opening coherence,

super, high-level cognition, as energy moves up.


Measured in delta, theta, beta, high beta and gamma,

building blocks of a puzzle;

colour pictures of brain scans,

surrendering to the world of growth and repair.


Tunned in without realising it is there in the whole world,

and the system slows down;

singing with low brain wave patterns, losing a level of awareness, and opens

the gate of a whole new Universe.



The waves parachute into a new world,

A low alpha, a new gamma, so relaxed;

sympathy, brains go into the clouds,

measuring each breath with joy.



Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza