Asking those questions



Finding ourselves in an audience amongst hundreds, thousands,

sometimes it is nice to be in a small room;

having those deeper conversations, unscripted,



Asking questions, and gathering a perfect group of people,

If the world ended today?

Wouldn’t it be great to start with your closest group of people?

What kind of dialogue would you have?

What kind of questions would you ask?

Did you have dinner?

How was your flight?

Aren’t you looking good?

Thank you.

Can I ask the first question?

Just between us, as if no body was listening – how do you see the world?

Can you imagine the change?

It’s happening so quickly.

Are you optimistic?



Neuroplasticity – beyond the brain?

Are we changing fast enough for the world?

How about a bottle of win?

A time of extremes?

If you are alive, have you noticed the temperature?

How is time speeding up?

Are more things happening in limited time?

What is the paradigm?

What are the kind of models do you see collapsing?

What happens when information is readily available?

What do you see?


By choice?

By will?



Matter changing matter?

But….these systems are breaking down….

What happened 30 years ago when you went to see a doctor?

Why not try this treatment?  Cut out this organ?

They would have just signed a consent form then, now?



Holistic healing?



Asking all those questions- doing research…..

Now, you know your alternative choices,

Want to try this therapy?

How about this?


Finding support in health goals,

advised, informed, and no negativity or judgement.

Feeling good about treatments, means healing faster.

For new to happen, old has to fall apart….

Letting go of fear,

Letting go of scarcity consciousness;

same energy can propogate same system, same history, same past…



A coherent brain, heart shows the two ingredients to navigate chaos in life,

inviting us to get to know us;

listening to our heart, our brain, our stomach….

So how are you contributing to your own pain?

How have you looked inside?

How do you begin to invoke change?

When there is lack, time to give, time to give love and compassion.

By doing the unnatural, sooner or later, we will become natural.


Inspired from

conversations between Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden





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