Beyond space and time,

not when you are judgement;

drawing upon the field,

breathing that centre.


Field around centre becomes 9 metres wide,

Non-local phenomenon interaction knows;

un-memorise states, they are born again,

in the same life.



Having done meditation to do 3 years,

To heal their condition;

They wanted that healing wanting more than that sleep,

More than their morning coffee- more than anything else.


Not wanting breakfast,


But connection – nothing matters more than that,

Everyday they overcome a little bit of themselves.

Certain days, they did not want to do it,

Then after a period of a few days – what about that condition?

It was the greatest teacher.



What do you think of x?

Now you have wisdom.

Memory without the emotional charge is wisdom.


If we are addicted to those emotions,

how can we go to the future?

When we open our hearts, there is data to show,

how measurable beyond space and time.


Drawing upon field of body,

Opening our hearts and breathing that centre;

expansion happens.


More energy and more matter,

We know, overcoming emotions are free;

They are born again – in the same life.



Inspired by conversations with Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden.





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