It only made sense when you did the math,

Multiple, subtract, exponential growth;

How then did they become detatched?

Take it in halfs.


When one meets, one, and another meets two,

What do you get?

You get a multiplier effect,

Butterfly effect?

No, multiplier effect.


If there is no engagement, no interaction,

Could there still be an impact?

Of course, of course, in a quantum Universe,

there is cause and effect.


Then what caused it?

What is the effect?

Equilibrium breezes….


When nature is imbalanced,

And imbalance is in nature;

The Universe turns,

like a washing machine.


It tumbles and turns,

To clean out the guck;

How long has it been?

When was the last time you saw the dolphins?


When was the last time you saw the sea?

When was the last time you saw another human being?


1 Month into quarantine…..


Written by @NewSpace2060 



Published by ArtofLiving2080

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