source: EOspirituality     Coming here is about dreaming, Coming here is believing; Coming here is about meeting your greatest fears and living through it, When was the last time I felt this?   They promised little, there were no expectations, it was all a trial, a test of how we would be; I felt like I was flying through the mountains, climbing the highest peaks, only to realise…   The only point of failure, or thing stopping me was….myself, My mind telling me can or can I not achieve this; Will or will I not make it, There were … Continue reading Dreams

Orion Nebula (Infrared visualisation)

Source: http://hubblesite.org/image/4111/news   From the many many planets, She dips her toes into the river of hot air; reflecting her thinking, the interstella cloud, micro sized participles dance around her; circular dust grains, planetary embroys, clashing and forming small bodies of the solar system.   Through a naked eye, she sees the collisions, invisible objects of history, Pristine, surrounding by comets, asteroids and meteorites; glowing of cherry pink, deep sea green flying across the asteroid belt, 1,2,3….50…counting and counting.   Orbiting, sensing danger, transforming to stars to avoid impact, Since early history of earth, resting in stability continuously impacting bodies; … Continue reading Orion Nebula (Infrared visualisation)

Blood Moon

Source: ndtv   Parting their mind, completely lost in the vision, Strongly compelled to search and see and observe; Thinking of time, the past and overwhelmed, Touching the senses, choices and attraction.   Questioning your possessions, whether you should or should not? Thinking of the questions coming through – Coming forward, seeing people around, giving, additional paths, Keys to the puzzle, a bubble of beauty, pulling strength from that energy.   Balanced in the cloudless night, feeling the importance, Like a negotiator, buyer, feeling special, important, beautiful; Feeling extra, a whole new inspiration – brilliance, receiving good news, Uncertain to … Continue reading Blood Moon

Naikan – The lost art of self-reflection

Source: Qrius   I was going to Marseille for the SpaceOps conference – attending a workshop on smallsats and meeting other young space professionals. I was staying at Toyoko-Inn in Marseille, which had recently opened about a week ago. The thing about Toyoko-Inn is that it is a consistent, efficient and cozy place to stay. I have stayed with them in Tokyo and Osaka and so knew what to expect. In the grounds they have a rock zen garden and have created a sense of peace in a way that is so seemly easy. You have images of Mount Fuji, … Continue reading Naikan – The lost art of self-reflection

The answer to the Future Lawyer….

Source: Mugdom Tomorrow I am going to speak to a room full of Futurists – lawyers, economist, artists, teachers, entrepreneurs and I am lost for words….for now. Even if I were to look into a crystal ball, the view of the future is not clear, except what is clear is there is uncertainty and the question of how we are going to live, is partly embracing that certainty. If I were to look at the trends of the last few years, what is clear is that social media, not withstanding recent media attention, has taken centre stage in terms of … Continue reading The answer to the Future Lawyer….

The Secret – Law of Attraction

After the New Years, with much eating and digestion – I catch up with a good friend and entrepreneur recently working in the hot whisky sauce industry at Melbourne’s well known Brunetti‘s for a cup of coffee and chocolate cake.  The scenery full of families, couples, tourists, with the buzz of caffeine betrays the kind of seriousness to which we were discussing the State of Affairs with the world and more importantly our minds. A good friend of mine gave me The Secret by Rhonda Byrne to read a few years ago. I read it and thought what a wonderfully simple book, but … Continue reading The Secret – Law of Attraction

Being the Authentic You

Source: Stephanie Martel Yesterday, I attended a startup bootcamp with Ben Roulston and sometimes it may surprise you what half a day can do to you when you really put your mind to it. What is it that you really care about?  And why do you do it?  Drawing upon Simon Sinek‘s work of ‘Start with the why:  How great leaders inspire action’, it was nothing short of going back to revist my subconscious mind and ask ‘What am I here?’  And of course we are invited to ask ‘Why does your organisation exist?’ If we cut to the core … Continue reading Being the Authentic You