Orion Nebula (Infrared visualisation)

Source: http://hubblesite.org/image/4111/news   From the many many planets, She dips her toes into the river of hot air; reflecting her thinking, the interstella cloud, micro sized participles dance around her; circular dust grains, planetary embroys, clashing and forming small bodies of the solar system.   Through a naked eye, she sees the collisions, invisible objects of history, Pristine, surrounding by comets, asteroids and meteorites; glowing of cherry pink, deep sea green flying across the asteroid belt, 1,2,3….50…counting and counting.   Orbiting, sensing danger, transforming to stars to avoid impact, Since early history of earth, resting in stability continuously impacting bodies; … Continue reading Orion Nebula (Infrared visualisation)

Asteroids in Hubble Frontier Field Abell 370

Source: http://hubblesite.org/image/4082/gallery   The penny drops, and nails fall to the ground, clunk, clunk rolling off the stairs and landing in front of the ducks; quack, quack, a swarm of bells huddle towards the honey tree, the Queen Bee’s energy is in demand.   Standing out like a blue diamond, Queen Bee is busy amongst her swarm, The colony has discovered new breeds of plants; soft, transparent, light pollen communicating at the speed of light, playing games, transporting one message to another.   The levels of demand on the bodies of these firm bodies, includes entering razor thin spaces, living … Continue reading Asteroids in Hubble Frontier Field Abell 370

Lagoon Nebula

Source: http://hubblesite.org/image/4150/gallery   A splash of light, the puddle echoes across the pond, lillies part, as ducks swim forward, gliding gracefully alongside the river bed; Green mini-monsters roar, emerald shades add volume to the fragrant cluster, such breeze, as gentle as spring, like a day out on a row boat.   Sending ripples above the cave, with mirrors reflecting the sounds, sights and smells; as welcoming as the entrance of Disneyland – a world of magic spells and surprises, she swims deeper into the void.   As she lifts her arm swimming backwards, she grasps the tiny molecules – of … Continue reading Lagoon Nebula

LEGUS Galaxies

Source: Hubblesite.org   Set in the clouded dust of sugar and lime, coatings turn and toil, through the invisible soil; dancing and spinning, turning and swaying, leaving imprints like children running across the sand.   Staring across the ocean, two twin brothers stand shoulder to shoulder, the younger sister not too far behind; they are playing cat and mouse, blind folded and reaching out.   First sister goes down and slide, and the two brothers follow, like entering a giant swing, they glide in circular motion like a water ride that never ends; splashing energy and flourescent purple and orange, … Continue reading LEGUS Galaxies

Expanding Universe

Source: quora.com   So according to leading scientists the universe is expanding……From Einsten to Fridman, Hubble to Hoyle we are introduced to the idea of the Universe coming into being because of the  big bang theory.  Part of the assumption is that the Universe is either expanding or shrinking, what will happen then? That it will collapse called the Big Crunch. How is that possible? It is known that the majority of matter in the Universe is made of dark matter. What we can see is a minor part of what we cannot see.  In simplistic terms, that which is … Continue reading Expanding Universe

Space Missions

Source: Sci-news   We are going to return to the moon.  He says, with a firm voice and then a flurry of flashes and activity from the audience arises, journalists starts raising their microphones before surging forward.  He waves his hand and explains, about how the human lunar mission design is going to take place in the next few years. Describing the moon as a place that is frozen, dusty and with interesting signs of water that is available in space.  He highlights how water is like gold, how it has been a main motivation for going back to the … Continue reading Space Missions

Time in Space

source: RVUNEWS They called her Shane.  Young, 25, solid and a mind of a genius.  Training since she was a kid, down South, lots of potential. Everyday she would go through her routine like a true athlete.  Rising early at 4am, training and hitting the gym at 5am, train for two hours, breakfast and then school, before going to the gym again afterwards, study and then more of it on the weekends.  This is not a walk in the park. The call came when he entered like thousands of many aspirational astonauts.  She passed the hardest of all physical tests, … Continue reading Time in Space